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Question Is it Worth Buying?

I created this thread for all boys and girls out there who want to buy a DVD or Blu-ray or VHS or whatever and don't know much more than the title and the plot synopsis.

It should be used for specific questions like these:
- Is movie XYZ a great flick, a horrible bummer, or a Trash grenade?
- Is XYZ's release a good one? Is the transfer ok? Is it uncut?
- I have been offered the flicks A, B, and C for xxx bucks in a box - is this cheap?
- ...

With so many active members, it should be an easy and quick thing to get an answer - as there's a high chance that someone here owns the release in question.

Remember: It should not be used for any questions concerning Arrow or Shameless releases - as we've got plenty forums and subforums for those. It's also not the place to discuss recent buys or general buying experiences - there are other threads for that.


PS: If there's already a very similar thread, I'd like some Mod to merge the threads - I haven't found one by now, though.
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