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Good to see that people can appreciate effort and the ambition to step out of comfort zones even if they don't like the movie.

I'm not a Saw fan (the first movie being the exception) but I really enjoyed Insidious. Obviously, it's a massive step away for torture-porn and hard gore, but it has some eccentricities and quirky characters that make it a little different from the usual haunting flick as well.

One thing I like about a ghost movie is that they provide lulls for a little humour. The supernatural nature of films like this mean filmmakers can get away with offbeat acting and jokes in a way that a really harsh, nasty movie can't.

Look at it this way, when jolly Country and Western and bumbling cops enter Last House on the Left, it induces cinematic whiplash (which can be entertaining on it's own terms of course) whereas the humour and warmth in Poltergeist feels natural and unforced.
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