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Originally Posted by Halloween_22 View Post
Theres one I've been meaning to pick up on R1 called 'Abominable' which I believe is out on Anchor Bay. It's from 2006, I read about it in fango a while back. Looks like its definately worth checking out.

Night of the Demon and Snowbeast are great trash films. Really enjoyed both of them. Think I might have to pick up that Bigfoot terror boxset you mentioned as I wouldn't mind seeing them, especially 'Shriek of the mutilated'.
Abominable is lots of fun,with a laugh out loud/jawdropper ending. Take yer pick.
Throw in a few bloody deaths,half naked babes and tiffany shepis,and what more could u ask for??? Err.... Night of the demon???
The creature in the film is very well realised,and a far cry from the "man in a monkey suit" type of film. Mind you,i like em as well.
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