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I started watching on Grampian TV when I was still at school. I think it was 1991 or 1992 - I remember my mates going on about vinegar tits but by the time I started watching she had already gone (Fiona Spence appeared in Home and Away around the same time) but the freak was yet to arrive, so prob from around ep 250 onwards.

It was normally shown on Sundays and Mondays as I recall, and sometimes Tuesdays too on a good week. I used to hate it when they announced over the end credits 'and prisoner will be back in 3 weeks' (due to snooker or some such)

Unlike many TV stations,Ii think Grampian showed the entire series, and I clearly remember the last episode being shown in the spring of 1996, just before I left university in Aberdeen.

Thank god for youtube - I've seen it all form the start now and loved it.

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