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Most of us know that Val is the only one to get royalties and the other cast members do not, But is it right of her to carry on about it 30 years later rubbing it into the other cast members faces? It seems very childish to me. Then Val goes on to say there is not much work for women her age, Most of the other cast members don't seem to have a issue from what i have read. Screen star events have not announced or invited all the guest yet but because Val claimed that screen star events have left her of the guest list? But Barry says they intended to invite her (which i believe), I like the idea of the build up of guests. I do not see any other cast members going to the press because they have not had there invite. Just hope this bad press does not damage the charity event, In my opinion she did this to get herself in the press because she needs attention/work. There was just no need for her to go to the press over something so small a simple email to screen star events would have been better. Lots of hard work is going into this and i hope all attending have a great time this is well worth the $150.
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