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Originally Posted by Sarah@Cult Labs View Post
To be honest, the issue that bothers me (more so than being told what I can and can't watch) is that this sort of decision can seriously damage small UK businesses.

There are many people who refuse to buy cut titles - and fair enough, it's their money - but this means that the BBFC are inadvertently supporting businesses in the US and other parts of Europe, but hurting homegrown companies.
I realised that years ago when i was going to Amsterdam in the mid 90's and buying uncut versions of mainstream Hollywood films of course things are nowhere near as bad now as it was back then, but i'm reminded when just last week i was in Amsterdam and i saw Cannibal Holocaust (uncut of course) on the shelf for just 5 euros, in the age of the internet the BBFC have become totally irrelevant for the consumer, but for the distributor it's still a major ball and chain to have your films cut and pay 10 odd a minute for the privilege something has to change this situation can't go on forever.

As i understood EU law i thought if something is available in one part of the EU it should be available in all parts of the EU i thought that's the point of a free market but it certainly isn't a level playing field for British video distributors at all.
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