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Default Please release the following Godfrey Ho Ninja films...

They would be cheap as chips to aquire and am sure many people would buy them in decent quality releases!

Any/all of the following:

1988 Diamond Ninja Force
1988 The Power of Ninjitsu
1988 Ninja Strike Force
1988 Ninja Powerforce
1988 Scorpion Thunderbolt
1987 Ninja Operation 6: Champion on Fire
1987 Ninja Kill
1987 Ninja Operation 7: Royal Warriors
1987 Ninja: Silent Assassin
1987 Cobra vs. Ninja
1987 Ninja Commandments
1987 Ninja Operation: Licensed to Terminate
1987 The Ninja Showdown
1986 Ninja Hunt
1986 Ninja Protector
1986 The Ninja Squad
1986 Golden Ninja Warrior
1986 Ninja Dragon
1985 Ninja Champion
1985 Ninja Holocaust
1985 Ninja Terminator
1984 Ninja Thunderbolt
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