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Default Forgotten gems.

I enjoy all Shameless dvds and am enjoying collecting them. There are films I'd love to see released and re released and just wondered what anyone else thought of the below forgotten gems. I understand Shameless deal in cult films, but am unsure if they release american cult films that have been forgotten about (at least as far as the uk goes). Id love one one day to see these gems.

Video Dead (never seen a release for this in the uk on dvd)
Girls on the Road (70's road movie about a cult. Had it on vhs long ago)
Terror Vision (80's movie tongue in cheek com horror)
Master Blaster (action movie. I rememeber little of this, only that I used to like it)
Devil's Nightmare (I know this was on redemption. Not sure if the label is still going)
Zombie Creeping Flesh (I know this was on vipco, but a new uncut edition with different edits would be awesome)
Superstion aka the witch (This was rereleased by Monumentum, but has since been deleted. Its going for crazy ammounts on ebay. I have the film, but always struggled to find out more about it)
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