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Mill Creek are releasing a Sci-Fi boxset featuring the following:

984: Prisoner of the Future

Abraxas Guardian of the Universe

The Alien Factor

Alien Prey

The Amazing Transparent Man


The Bat (1959)

Battle Beyond the Sun

Beyond the Moon

Brain Twisters

The Brother from Another Planet

The Crater Lake Monster

The Creeping Terror

The Day Time Ended

Death Machines

Escape from Galaxy 3

Evil Brain from Outer Space

Extraterrestrial Visitors

The Eyes Behind The Stars

Fugitive Alien

Future Hunters

Future Women


The Giant of Metropolis

Hands of Steel

The Head

Horror High


Hyper Sapien: People From Another Star

Invaders From Space

It's Alive

Life Returns

The Manster

Mission Stardust

Morons from Outer Space

Night Fright

Night of the Blood Beast

Primal Impulse


Raiders of Atlantis

Robo Vampire

Rocket Attack U.S.A.


Star Knight

Star Pilot

Top Line

Trapped by Television

War of the Robots

The Wasp Woman

Welcome To Blood City

If the prints of TOP LINE and RAIDERS OF ATLANTIS are of decent quality then I'll be all over this.

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