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Default How Did the Obsession Begin for You?

I just signed up here, so I thought I'd get the ball rolling by posting something that's likely been posted before, and just generally annoying everyone with my noob-ness.

Unlike (I suspect) a lot of you, I discovered the delights of the nasties and their kin very late. I'm 23 (as of writing), and so am far too young to remember the whole Video Recordings Act debacle and subsequent treasure-hunting that went on. I really only got into horror back when The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was finally passed. Channel 4 screened it and a mate taped it. He lent me the tape and the rest is history.

I went out and got a DVD player straight away purely to get myself a copy of TCM on DVD. Shortly after I picked up Stonevision's (admittedly cut) version of Zombie Flesh Eaters, which in turn led to me buying a bunch of Vipco's Vaults DVDs (I was young and naive). After that I realised the real goodies were to be found elsewhere and started purchasing from specialist places online (I had it easy, I know). Of course, once Vipco changed everything to boring covers and charged a lousy 5 for the priviledge, I bought a ton more of their offerings. This probably sounds stupid as hell, but I actually enjoy watching slightly crappy prints of these kind of films.

That's how I got into the world of cult horror and exploitation anyway, and I'm thoroughly enjoying Shameless' releases so far (first was The Black Cat).

How did you all get into it?
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