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Default Jessica Fletcher - Murder She Wrote

Well the character I would like to of seen in PCBH is most definately Jessica Fletcher from 'Murder She Wrote' - the storyline could work round something like 'The Mystery of Erica Davidson's missing bottle of sherry from her office'.
Erica would of got permission from 'The Man from The Department' to bring in her old pal Jessica whom she met when she was visiting Cabot Cove - Jessica could of quite easily fitted in as she seems to know everyone or have some long lost relative in every country in the world in 'Murder She Wrote' lol

Upon investigating round Wentworth Jessica surprises Lizzie Birdsworth having a swig of Ericas prized grog and the script could unfold like this :

Lizzie: what you doin' sneaking up on people like that? it aint good for me weak ticker - this is medicinal prescribed by The Doctor we don't have in the prison since Greg went off with Karen.

Jessica: : Lizzie Birdsworth you old lush -now hush up and pass me that drink - i'm dying of thirst

Lizzie: People seem to have a habit of dying when you're around - but you bet you ripper (Lizzie cackles)

Later in Ericas office:

Vera Bennett: sit down Mrs Fletcher

Erica: ahhh very well Jessica I see you have solved the mystery ... very well

Jessica: hiccup whats that? a mystery? whats the mystery hiccup I'm too pissed to remember what the mystery was about
Me and my new pal Lizzie were having a good catch up hiccup over a nice drink of sher..... err i mean tea

Vera Laughs not believing Jessica

Erica: very well

Jessica: Very well

Vera: Very Well

Erica: Miss Bennett are you taking the mick? Very well..

Vera Bennett: no Mrs Davidson I'm merely making an observation that Mrs Fletcher here has had rather too much to drink and I heard her ask Birdsworth why the inmatescall me Vinegar Tits

Jessica: hiccup Miss Bennett there are some mysteries not even I can solve

The phone rings....

Erica: It's the man from the department he says we have to detain you here at Wentworth Mrs Fletcher for murders through out the series of 'Murder She Wrote'

Jessica: eh? what does that mean

Vera: It means ... Stand on the white line.....

Freeze to the gates slamming

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