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Mark Of The Devil at Amazon
Mark Of The Devil at Play (vanilla release)

I didn't find the cuts to the ABUK release detracted too much from the movie (it's a few bare-breasted shots during the rack scene), and the violence & rape scene are completely intact. I used to have the Redemption VHS which was absolutely massacred.

I think it could well pass uncut now too. The sequel definitely would.

Redemption had a nightmarish time with the BBFC (or simply Ferman) back in the 90's. Although Witchfinder General made it through fully uncut, plus a couple of Pete Walker films, many of the others ended up scalped. Tombs Of The Blind Dead took a bit of a walloping too and is still cut today (16 secs from the rape scene), though again this also may well make it intact now.
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