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Nosferatu@Cult Labs 20th August 2020 07:07 PM

It's a story that could work well as a miniseries and Rachel Weitz is a tremendous actor. I'll be very interested to see what other names (directors, cast) are attached to the project.

gag 25th August 2020 09:48 PM

Urban legend remake.

gag 30th September 2020 12:39 AM

Zac efron lands a role in Firestarter remake,

gag 23rd October 2020 03:25 PM

Joe Hill Has A Great Idea For A Maximum Overdrive Reboot

Say what you will about the Stephen King directed Maximum Overdrive. Say whatever you will. Unless, you are among the small group of people that think this movie is awesome, than you are wrong. It was awesome and gets a lot of unnecessary guff. King wrote and first time directed while on cocaine and thank god, because it was great. Now, his son Joe Hill has an idea for a Maximum Overdrive remake that, Iím pretty okay with.

While on Mick Garrisí Post Mortem Podcast, the subject of Maximum Overdrive came up and Hill had this to say about where he would take his dadís film about killer trucks, electric knives and soda machines.

ďThe time is right, okay. So basically, theyíre all the self-driving vehicles. So itís no longer a comet that sets them off, itís a virus in the electronics that sets them off. And so youíve got these giant Tesla semi trucks, ya know, wiping everyone out. I think it could be great.Ē

So, yea. Obviously. Yes. This sounds cool to me. As long as we throw in a little league player getting his head squashed by a steamroller, Iím in.

The idea of throwing in Teslaís gone crazy and literally everything being electronic, has a real Black Mirror meets Stephen King vibe to it.

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