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my brother got a betamax vcr when i was about 6 (1981),the 1st film i watched was "American werewolf in London" and loved it about 6 months later my dad rented a Vhs vcr at the same time BBC 2 had double bills of hammer movies on every Friday night so i started to tape them,my mum let me go to the video shop every day i knew every 1 who worked in there,id go to the shops for them,put the cards back in the boxes,i got all the best posters,didnt need a adult to rent me movies they knew i was allowed to watch any film i wanted to,no waiting on the list for a new release I remember i rlly wanted to see "Demons" and "House" but there was a 3 week waiting list but that was np as soon as i said i wanted to see them they would phone up the next person on the list and say the person didnt bring it back sorry you will have to wait till 2mr i also had a Saturday job when i was young (was only 9 and had to pretend i was 14)i did a milk round and with the 7 i got i would go to the video shop and buy any horror film i could.The VRA come out so they were selling all there nasties i bought loads
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