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Default Good on ya Dooooor!

Lizzy Birdsworth is the ultimate. wandering around Wentworth half gone on prison brew half the time and always yelling out her opinions at the top of her voice. When they show mornings in the prison it's always Lizzie's foghorn yelling out some rubbish.

Prisoner is the best Ausralian TV show ever made hands down.

My first gut laugh on Prisoner is when Jim Fletcher is introduced and he sets up a prostitute who has just been released from Wentworth. They meet on a park bench and she ( who's been trying to get him into the sack) says something like " I suppose you think I'm just a common slut?" to which Jim replies (deadpan, straight faced, 70's sunnies on and staring into the distance SO cool) " You've been called that before." lmao

Has anyone noticed the women's shoes? They were the most fabulously retro gorgeous fashion heels with their denim, why you'd be tottering around in the lock up in wedge heels I'll never know but I love keeping an eye out on them.

I get a laugh out of some of the fight scenes, once Bea gets scratched by some random bit player and it is the most obvious poorly performed fight moment ever, almost as bad as some Star Trek fight scenes I've seen. It all adds to the major kitsch factor that makes the show so awesome.
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