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THe original would be a perfect film for Shameless I reckon.

Just watching the French DVD now and it is pretty decent, but not ideal.

PQ is OK, but the old English dubbed soundtrack is really showing its age/budget. This needs an English subtitle option to put over the original Dutch soundtrack.

More irksome is the aspect ratio. It seems to be based around an unmatted print (theatrical ratio was 1.66:1) but still scanned in slightly for a 1.33:1 presentation (the left edge seems cropped). Changing my telly to 1.55:1 hints that without this cropping it might have looked quite decent zoomed in.

The Netherlands release zooms in all the way to 1.78:1, so who knows what that looks like!

A nice 1:66:1 anamorphic transfer with English subtitles would be a suitable service to a wonderful bit of Euro horror.
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