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No, I have`nt - This is the total amount i have written in the previous post. Reading it again I feel it is a bit...amateurish, so i guess i am a little intimidated about going further, But some idea`s going through my head I think are interesting. One that i really want to do is about Bea Smith not only being alive still, but free and not on the run and the circumstances of how it occurred and some shocking secrets behind it. If i do carry on writing stories, they wont be novel length. I guess short stories on each character. Other`s will be the last days of Lizzie`s life, What happened after Joan was released from prison, One more encounter with Jock for Judy, Doreen and Kevin meeting again 20 years later. If there is more interest I will get myself motivated. Actually might continue the above story a little today... Thanks
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