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Originally Posted by Scyther View Post
Did you enjoy Women's Camp 119 that much mate? I fell asleep when I watched it on the Grindhouse Experience Vol. 2 box. Should I give it another shot?
Yes, more than i did SSEC at the time. However, that was via a VHS bootleg back in the '90s and i'm unsure how WC119 would measure up to what i remember now i'm older. Not to mention the fact i haven't watched a Nazisploitation title for years since checking out the U.S. DVD of The Beast In Heat. That said, i think i could survive WC119 again for the same schlocktastic reasons.

By all means, give the movie a second chance if you so desire. I just hope you don't drop off again!

Originally Posted by Crimson Blade View Post
Personally, i think that out of the whole Nazi sub-genre, The Gestapo's Last Orgy is the only title which has a bit of artistic merit, and is actually quite well made.
Agreed and the film is indeed something of a cut above the usual slice of Nazi nastiness imo.
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