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Thank you for posting these up for me.

A little more information on these items. My sister in law used to live next door to Roz Vecsey in Chaddesden, Derby. (Roz and Tracey Elliot started the first Prisoner Fan Club and Fanzine, The H Block Herald) They were all owned by Roz and given to my sister in law as a gift and then they were passed on to me. I've had them since 2000. The magazines, photos and cards are all in pristine condition. Except for the Val Lehman signature in the On The Outside Tour Book, which would probably only add to it's value than decrease it.

One of the prints of Bea Smith/Val Lehman has an Australian phone number written on the back. I don't know whose it is but as Val and Roz became very close friends I would assume it is/was Vals phone number at some point.

Hopefully, to add to my collection very soon, my late Grandma was in the Blockade fan club and still has all of the fanzines they released and apparently they're stored in my uncles loft. He is going on a hunt for these for me to have. I'm looking forward to seeing them after all these years if they still exist.

If you'd like more photos of these items, I'll quite happily take photos/scans of everything individually and share.

Thanks again

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