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Question CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST on Blu-ray - Problems with sound!

I watched my Shameless BR of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST for the first time last night, since having it stuck on my shelves since the original day of release, and my copy seems to exhibit some quite iffy audio/picture-synchronisation issues.

There are large moments of the film, when the sound is about 1 second ahead of the image, so people's mouths and their voices are out-of-sync. Most previous releases haven't exhibited this issue, with the odd moment when the actor on-screen isn't speaking in English, and their voice has been dubbed.

The problem appeared worse on the Ruggero Deodato New Edit version of the film, but was occasionally noticeable on the original version on the same disc, also. Is my copy faulty, or does everyone else's Shamless BR version exhibit this same problem? I am playing the disc via a Sony BR player connected via an HDMI lead to my Panasonic Viera TV, and using just the TV's speakers.

Other member's help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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