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I was lucky enough to watch PCBH right from the start in Central. I watched the first ep by chance in April 1987 and like so many others was instantly hooked.

In Feb 1988 Central reduced the number of episodes from 3 to 2, by stopping the saturday screenings. There was a massive uproar and so many complaints that they brought it back to 3 episodes in April 1988. They actually listened to us viewers!

Central used to take PCBH off for a couple of weeks at Xmas and new year but in Jan 1989, they made up for it by having 'an 8 day PCBH special' - an episode a day for 8 consecutive days. That was just brilliant! They did the same in Jan 1990 but with only 6 consecutive episodes.

We got it on saturdays, sundays and mondays to begin with. Then fridays, sundays and mondays.
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