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ok so i just got my demons 1 and 2 blurays today to go with my steelbook i got a while ago - and im not too happy with the slipcases.

wtf have reversible sleeves if you cant bloody see them in the slipcase?

these releases have had so many issues - being delayed so we can have nasty looking comic books (that are nothing like the previous ones and look cheaply printed) and these shiny slipcases with no panels. and what is under the data sheet on the reverse btw?

im glad i only paid 12 each for them and 17 for the steelook which i shant open, but its annoying - i could live with the black instead of white slipcases, but these arent even the same type of packaging.

it seems the sooner the limited editions end the better, i can move on from arrow releases (apart from steelbooks of course).
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