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Me personally i hate remakes

The prob with remakes is they lack what the originals had, Tension atmosphere compasion etc etc
I quite only quite enjoyed tcm remake but the original is 1 of my all time fav

If u can make a film that praticaly has no violence gore etc etc and yet be so controversol then that to me is a good piece of film making

I didnt real get into the wicker man so not interested in watching the remake (also cos i cant take to nicholas cage) not saying he rubbish tho

Over the yrs some films have been violent gory etc etc and yet no 1s batted a eye lid

Look at how many remake hollywood has made of the jap r korean horrors yet every 1 is pure shite

I just come back from my hols and on the flight was the remake of day the earth stood still, to me it was a film of just special effects and with famous actors nothing else. a total bore

I heard there making a basket case remake lol pmsl thatl be interesting to see how shit thatl be

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