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Originally Posted by ArrowFan View Post
McCoy is severely under-rated as the doctor. I loved the direction they were taking him in. Especially in the final series. There was an interesting darkness to him.
During the last few series' with McCoy, script editor Andrew Cartmel WAS taking the show in a new direction, making the Doctor more mysterious and darker

In 'Silver Nemesis', there is a quote from Lady Peinfort (which I don't remember word-for-word), but it went along the lines of 'I know who you are, Doctor. I know your secret'. It's been suggested that if the show had continued after 'Survival', it would ultimately be revealled that The Doctor was in fact God!

On the Doctor Who database blog, Cartmel states: "Iíve just seen an episode of The Simpsons where Ned Flanders turned out to be God. That worked rather well. As for the Doctor, I certainly thought it was an interesting notion if he turned out to be the Prime Mover. The butterfly wing that causes the hurricane. After all, thatís virtually what his power amounts to. Doctor Who as God was considered a somewhat controversial notion, though.

But then I came up with a concept that I like even better. That the Doctor and the Master are a single entity, one being, all powerful and both good and evil in balance. Light and darkness, yin and yang. Thatís probably also too controversial. Perhaps the Doctor should turn out to be Ned Flanders.

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