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Originally Posted by Hawkmonger View Post
My HMV aren't at all bad, here in Bolton.
There horror section is always full of Shameless and Arrow, and because Bolton has such a niche market (Most people only buy cheap as chip's, mainstream movies. And TOWIE.) i'm often the one that end's up buying from the genre labels such as Arrow, Shameless, BFI, and Eureka.
11 for Nightbirds? Hell yeah! 25 for FFoGV?! FOOK ME!
As a fellow Bolton dweller, I must disagree a bit. The pricing in the local HMV is usually pretty pants.

Only yesterday I was shaking my head when I spotted the dvd of City of the Living Dead for 19 quid. They also had the new Nucleus Children Shouldn't Play double bill for 16, Four Flies on blu for 25 & various Arrowdrome dvds for 11.

You do get the odd bargain in the sales & whatnot, but they seem to have dried up somewhat lately.

With such high prices in a national chain & not a small local business who you don't mind supporting to an extent, it's no wonder they're always flirting with going bust!

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