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Originally Posted by Make Them Die Slowly View Post
Oddly enough no. It was my second time seeing Sunn O ))) but this time I could actually see them as it was in a fairly large place (1400 plus capacity) and the smoke machine didn't totally obscure them as it did the first time I saw them. In fact the smoke was so thick the first time I saw them you couldn't even see the person standing next to you at certain points during the night. F*cking loud and in quadraphonic sound this last time. My face was vibrating!

Being able to see the band gave them an almost comical feel with the robes and slow motion movements. That said, I'm hard pressed to think of another band I've seen who deliver such a majestic yet dense sound.
I can understand where your coming from there. Sunn 0))) music needs the right mood feeling and atmosphere. When i listen to them i zone out just go with the sounds. I can see how the lack of smoke may take you out of that atmosphere.
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