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Default Question about CH BluRay and Shameless in general...

Hey folks,

Taking the CH BluRay as an example, from amazon UK, what exactly does this mean:

Special Features

- Original long version of the film (only 14 secs cut which has been seamless replaced by reaction shots)

Uuuh. "only 14 secs cut which has been seamless replaced with REACTION SHOTS". Now, firstly, this is confusing, it doesn't say wheater the release is uncut or not, and furthermore, what the heck is "replaced with reaction shots"?

Also, i'm wondering how cut shameless' releases are in general? I don't mean to be a bitch about things, but it IS a U.K. label (and we all know UK releases - from whatever label - is almost always cut...or at least HAS BEEN so up until now).

There's a few VERY interesting titles put out by Shameless, but they're very, very cheap on i.e. amazon, and even THAT makes me suspicious.

How's their expertese when it comes to restoring vault material? Up to par with BU, Raro, NoShame (R.I.P.), MYA Communications etc? (I personally work with restoring old films for the swedish film institute, so i believe i'm "pickier" than most when it comes to a/v quality).

I hope i'm wrong with my scepticism, and i do hope the titles i'm gonna buy (i WILL buy a few, just to check (and i will probably scrutinise every concievable part of the DVD - everything from eviidence of what resizing-choices used to evidence of what encoding program used to possible structure errors), and since they're not super-expensive...well...)

But...can anyone just quickly shed a light on the two main questions here:
-Is ANY of the releases Shameless has put out cut, and;
-What do they mean by "replaced by reaction shots" in the case of the CH BluRay?

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