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Originally Posted by Demdike View Post
Did they specify an actual year they were taken back to second time around?

I understood it that the time paradoxes caused so many problems in the fabric of time that the Tardis wouldn't be able to locate them a second time.

Thats how i saw it. Moffats scripts are always so full of holes that they often become tough to figure out what he actually means.

Why did the Tardis explode in The Big Bang for a start?
I don't think they did specify an exact year however with River apparently able to get in touch with Amy to complete the book then they must have had some idea or lets face it they would only need to check the graveyard records and you would not need to be a genius to trace them back to at least within in a few years.

All they would need to do then is travel to an earlier time and send a letter to the Ponds to meet at a certain future point maybe a few years after they arrived, after all that same method worked out ok for Marty McFly.

To see this as some big ending where they can never return from is quite honestly a huge plot hole which makes no sense at all and it kind of devalues the rest of the episode.

To be honest I have found this series to be a real disappointment with only the first episode being any where near the quality of previous series.

Hopefully things will improve however I hope when the eventual regeneration occurs again that they get an older darker Doctor to give the program a new lease of life.

Personally I have always wanted to see what Bill Nighy could do with the part.
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