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Originally Posted by Demdike View Post
Why are you turning this into a competition between Scream Factory and Arrow?.

I never mentioned Radley Metzger in my post, i just commented on these releases by Scream stating one of the films was of interest.

If your interested, there isn't one of the new Arrow releases i will be buying. I own the Bava films, and the others aren't of interest.

Stop being so defensive and acting as if every negative comment is a slight on you because it isn't.
One..I was making a joking comparision. Sorry if it came out defensive..unfortunately actual tone and intent doesnt always come off as you expect.

Theres only one poster on this whole forum that you'd find me getting defensive towards.

I was mostly confused by your pre-95 classic comment. It kinda came outta the blue there..ya gotta
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