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Default Christmas Comp #6 - Hobo With A Shotgun Blu-ray & T-Shirt - FINISHED

Ho Ho, etc., etc.

Today's prize is the Blu-ray and t-shirt of one of my very favourite films of recent years. It's so much fun, incredibly bad-ass and you will love it! Here's all the details...





It began as an award winning “fake” Grindhouse trailer that embodied the genre far more successfully than anything produced by Quentin Tarantino (Death Proof) and Robert Rodriguez (Planet Terror) and became an internet sensation via YouTube. Now, Hobo With A Shotgun, director Jason Eisener’s affectionate and remarkably authentic tribute to the exploitation movies of the 1970s and 80s, is a full-on, no-holds-barred, kick-ass movie that has led to proclaim, “given all of the over-the-top gore, buckets and buckets of blood, bouncing boobies, and a fair amount of laughs, you cannot go wrong checking this one out.”


Starring Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner; Sin City; The Hitcher) in the title role and inspired by exploitation classics such as “Street Trash” and “The Exterminator” amongst others, Hobo With A Shotgun goes one better than recent homages to the genre such as “Machete” and “Drive Angry” by being “the only recent example of cinematic retro-sleaze that could plausibly be mistaken for a piece of straight-to-video nastiness that has been collecting dust on a shelf since 1983” (Eye Weekly).

When an ageing Hobo (Hauer) jumps from a freight car in a new city hoping for a fresh start in life, he soon realizes he has well and truly reached the end of the line. He finds himself trapped in an urban hell, an anarchic world overrun by murderers, rapists, paedophiles, petty crooks, prostitutes and corrupt cops. Reigning supreme over them all is the city’s crime boss, Drake (Brian Downey), and his two insanely sadistic sons, Slick (Gregory Smith) and Ivan (Nick Bateman).

All the Hobo wants is to be able to afford to buy a second-hand lawn mower from the local pawnshop, start his own small business and make the city a more beautiful place. But a run-in with Slick and Ivan while trying to rescue pretty hooker-in-distress Abby (Molly Dunsworth) changes all that. Pushed beyond his limits, he decides to arm himself and go about changing things in an entirely different way to mowing lawns.

An unmissable tour-de-force of gratuitous violence, gore and bloody mayhem, Hobo With A Shotgun is “gloriously goofy gratification” (Twitchfilm) and “is so incredibly over the top with its excess, fans of the genre are going to be bowing to it” (Slashfilm).

Hobo With A Shotgun (cert. 18) is released by Momentum Pictures and will open at selected UK cinemas on 15th July 2011.



With Secret Santa now underway, with everyone knowing who their secret present-ee is, today's competition is based on this.

So, all you have to do is figure out who this secret santa is. Think you know what actor is behind the white beard and red hat? Then PM me (Private Message me) his name!

All those to get it right will be entered into a random draw. Tomorrow, one person will be randomly selected to win the Hobo With A Shotgun T-Shirt AND Blu-ray!

Perfect for either yourself or as a Christmas gift.

Good luck,

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