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Default Optimum / Studio Canal Thread

Optimum have delayed the Region 2 release of Rider On The Rain until September. I read recently on the film's IMDb forum that Optimum have been trying to find the English dubbed version. Apparently the previous release was a French dubbed version and the picture was terrible.

It was either on the Anchor Bay forum, Cult Movie Forums or on here, where I'd asked about a Charles Bronson film I'd seen a DVD of on the shelves in my local HMV. Someone replied saying the picture was poor and that it may be or was a public domain release.


Other Optimum releases

I recently bought a Lee Van Cleef western called Barquero on R2 which I'd never heard of before. Inside was a booklet telling you about past, present and future Optimum releases. What particularly caught my eye were the following (these have been mentioned in recent news articles on websites DVD Times and DVD Active):

Electra Glide In Blue
Hardware: Special Edition
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