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Just thought i'd start a thread here where people can post their finds and wants for anime blu-ray releases. America seems to be well supplied with the uk once again lagging behind. Best example is the BLACK LAGOON blu-rays released as seperate series over here the americans get BOTH at roughly the same price!!!

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Though none of the box sets contain the more recent third mini-series ROBERTAS BLOOD TRAIL.

I'll stick up a few pics of stuff i'm looking at at the moment. If I ever win the lottery i'm going to need a bigger house!

edenoftheeast..jpg shiki02.jpg

shiki01.jpg samuraichamplooblu.jpg

tigerandbunny.jpg codegeass2.jpg

codegeass1.jpg berserkeggoftheking.jpg

trigun.jpg steinsgate2.jpg

steinsgate1.jpg sora02.jpg


Just the tip of the iceberg!
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