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Default Best Directors

We've had a thread for the best writers. Now, who do you think were the finest behind the scenes lens men to work on Prisoner?

Here are my picks

Kendal Flanagan - responsible for 100 plus episodes of the cult serial; more than any other director. I liked the horror style feel that he invariably brought to the episodes he directed. His episodes are a cross between Crossroads and a slasher flick - Prisoner at its best. Later on, after Prisoner had finished its long run he went on to direct the low budget Oz slasher flick, Houseboat horrors.

Sean Nash - Climbing his way up from being an unpaid studio sweeper to a director of top rating TV shows, I loved the inventive directing style that he brought to the eps he handled. Amongst others, he was responsible for directing the fight sequence between Len Murphy and the Freak in late 1984 and also directed 692 - the last ever episode of the series made.

Chris Adshead - He handled the infamous fight sequence between the freak and Bea in 326 - the finest episode of the series ever made bar none and also directed the terroist seige episodes in which Myra met her maker.

Lex Van Os - The only inidividual to serve separately as a writer, director and producer on the show and responsible for directing the episode where Joan knocks seven bells out of Chrrisie in her prison cell.

Any opinions?
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