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Default Arrow DVD's Unscalable/playable on Future Tech?

Will DVD's become unplayable/unscalable on the next generation of TV's (4K) and disc player's.

I have currently the ZFE Slipcase and DVD. What I am kinda worried about is that in the future if I sell my ZFE Slipcase BluRay and only have the DVD copy left then the next tech leap from BluRay player's (perhaps 4K players?) wont be able to play the old DVD format. So if I bought the steelbook I got a BluRay that I can sell and a BluRay that I know is a future proof format for 4K (because as far as I presume 4K players would be able to upscale BluRays, (like BluRay players can upscale DVD) but crucially not standard definition DVD's. The thing is that the steelbook is now, minimally 20 quid and being a student I really dont think I can afford it!
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