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Originally Posted by loops View Post
Black Sabbath is brilliant; the drop of water story is terrifing! I thought the telephone segment was terrible.
Classic film.My favourite anthology films:-
Black Sabbath
Tales From the Crypt
Vault Of Horror (underrated)
Cat's Eye
Creepshow 2
From Beyond The Grave
Tales From The Darkside
House That Dripped Blood
From A Whisper To A Scream (aka The Offspring)
Trilogy Of Terror (TVM)
Trilogy Of Terror 2 (TVM)
Dead Of Night (TVM)
Body Bags (Avoid the butchered r1 dvd like the plague)

Disappointments though very watchable.
The Torture Garden
House On Terror Tract
Tales That Witness Madness
Dr Terror's House Of Horrors
Twilight Zone -The Movie (A big let down though the gremlin story remake was good)
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