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Default How do you watch your Giallo movies?

I've been collecting giallo since the early 00s, so over the years I have amassed a healthy collection of giallos.

So after watching them as soon as I got them, I decided one year to watch them in year order. So I start from Bava‘s I Vampiri, which is a German hardbox import, and then from that in year order, before moving on to the 70s.

It's really interesting seeing how the genre progressed, and where particular phases started, thanks to a particular film whether it‘s from Italy, or from Hollywood.

It can also be done with certain directors, such as Argento, where you can start with The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, right up to (if you want) Giallo.

I think it’s a good way to re-enjoy the films, and you might appreciate certain films that you didn’t care for the first time round.
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