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True Dem,there ain't much cooler.
Not even the great Lord Summerisle!

Even in Hammer's Dracula series.
Now,don't get me wrong,Sir C.Lee is the ultimate Dracula,but it was always Cushing who stole the show as the borderline psychotic Van Helsing.
He just didn't give a **** who got in his way!

In the Frankenstein series,it didn't matter what the creature looked like,it was always how dastardly and nasty a bastard the Baron was.
Once again,he stomped anyone who got in his way!

Govenor Tarkin was a descendant of the Baron and the Professor.
Once again he stomped Alderann!

The list is long and distinguishable,even in a mediocre movie the legendary Cushing made it far more interesting.


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