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Originally Posted by re.form View Post
American Mary and Lords of Salem arrived today.

Looking forward to both this weekend, although going in to Lords with less expectations after seeing it compared to House of the Devil on the forum. (I did not care for the 'slow burn'* of HOTD).

*what some people call a slow burn, I found to be extremely dull, boring and have no idea how it got it's hallowed reputation from the online horror community.
See I love House of the Devil. I thought it captured exactly what is good about 70's/80's horror. It's a slow-burner yes, but that's to its credit as it's a sophisticated and beautifully made horror film. I was disappointed that with The Innkeepers he tried to make essentially the same film as a tedious slacker comedy and with stock scares instead of tension.

And I really didn't like American Mary one bit. And like you with HOTD, I'm bemused at the praise lavished upon it. It grated on me something chronic.
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