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The Klein Trilogy by Big Finish
Featuring the Seventh Doctor (Sly McCoy) and Elizabeth Klein (Tracey Childs)

Back in the early day's of BF, there was a story called Colditz. It's plot should be evident and it's fairly standard fair (save for a surprise cameo from Tennant) but what many people took away from it was Childs performance as the utterly dispicable Klein. A scientist who is unwaveringly loyal to the Nazi cause and believes in nothing less than ethnic clensing and society hierarchy. A queen bitch, basicly. But Childs was so damn GOOD in the role that we loved ever scene she was in...until the character made a heisty retreat from the castle for reasons best left unexplained. Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey.

And so BF thought it would be a great idea for her to make a return, and this is the result. A trio of stories that cover her short journey with the Doctor.

First of these is A Thousand Tiny Wings by Andy Lane.A wonderfuly understated three parter that is possibly one of the more creepy tale's from the company. A new menace is loose in the Kenya out back in 1950, just as a revolution is about to unfurl. Not giving anything away but it's a very symbolic story, both in it's own context and in the follwoing seriels.

Next is Survival of the Fittest by Jonathan Clements. A bridge between the humble begining and the bombastic finale, this is over all the least self contained story and suffers as a result. Ultimatly it just feel's like a prolonged prologue to The Architects of History, not helpful considering the first episode is almost complete exposition. HOWEVER! It's rollicking good exposition, and McGann make's a wonderful turn out as an alternative universe 8th. It's feel's a bit aimless until the final episode, but that cliffhanger leave's alot to be explained and is very much a fine lead into...

The Architects of History by Steve Lyons. Our universe has been replaced by Kleins vision of a perfect world. The Daleks and Sontaran empires have been destroyed, the Cyber-Tombs of Telos blown up and the Rutan Host forced back to the furthest fringes of the universe, some taking refuge in the Land of Fiction. Due to this the imprissoned Doctor is short of possible allies, until a plan involving providing time tavel to the scurge or the galaxy, The Selachians, proves fruitful. Caught in a web of treachery and quadrouple crosses, Klein must out wit her competator and maintain her perfected world of the third intergalactic reich.

Throughout the series Sly is on top form, most certainly when bouncing off the ever Child's and just generaly being the smart arse 7th was. The stories here are deep and contextual, and plenty of referances for the newbie and fan-wanker alike, though not to enfuriating levels (see Pandorica Opens, The). The trilogy can be listend to individualy but the fullscope come's off as some as some huge Lang esque epic, with a 5 1/2 hour running time. I highly reccomend this series to anyone who wan't to get started with BF, Colditz is not mandatory but after hearing the conclusion you WILL wan't to listen to the excalent UNIT: Dominion. You WILL.
So, hunt them down and happy listening!
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