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Originally Posted by nosferatu42 View Post
Latest purchases- Maniac (30th anniversary)
Take an easy ride
Mother's day
The Child a.k.a Zombie child
In search of Dracula
Dario Argento's Dracula(had to see it for myself)
The bedsitting room
Bloodsucking freaks

Went on a bit of a rampage!
If it's not an impertinent question, where did you get and how much was "The Bedsitting Room"? (Alright then 2 impertinent questions).

It is on my list of "must get" British oddities along with "The Ruling Class" and "The Magic Christian". All three of these films on Amazon are so expensive that I can't persuade my wife (or, to be frank instead of Lez, myself) that they are really worth it!

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