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Originally Posted by Roughale View Post
Nice Nu Who BD set the US seems to get (I said "seems" as the amazon link is not working):

DAVID TENNANT NEWS UPDATES: USA Release: Doctor Who Season 1-7 Limited Edition Blu-ray Gift Set

It would be worth a thought, if I did not have all of this, well, except the Ecclestone and Tennent years only on DVD...

Thanks for this, I've just pre-ordered with Amazon at a cost of just over 200

I figured I would sell my series 1-4 dvds and my blu-rays of The DT Specials and complete series 5 & 6 plus this will save me from buying series 7 separately which would cost around 45

So all totalled up, I am probably only then paying an extra 60 for the set giving me series 1-4 on blu-ray and the sonic screwdriver remote
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