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Originally Posted by Rik View Post
Just finished season 3 of the X Files and it's ended on a cliffhanger, I haven't bought season 4 yet so it looks like I'll be taking a trip to CEX on my day off tomorrow to go buy it.
I still have no idea what season I stopped watching it at when it was originally aired, so it really is like watching for the first time all over again, it's fair to say I'm well and truly hooked anyway
I have bad news for you Rik... they all end on a cliffhanger!

Season 4 (for me) is when the show started to noticeably go downhill, and anything after is pretty mediocre. There is the odd stand-out episode here and there throughout seasons 5-8, but that is about it. The final season (9) is pretty terrible and the ending feels very rushed and leaves a lot of questions still unanswered. Plus the John Doggett character played by Robert Patrick is just terrible writing, but you can tell they were almost going for a re-invention of the show with Scully becoming Mulder and Doggett being like old school Scully in a lot of ways.

Still, all that said I'd take ANY season of the X-Files over what passes for a TV show these days.
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