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Originally Posted by vipco View Post
If your way stuck, sites like IGN, EuroGamer etc offer full walk thoughs or if really desperate level codes and the like.

Personally I think Walkthroughs are fine, they're alot better than dumping a 45 quid game or smashing a 30 quid pad , in my case, JERICHO , bashing it off the wall, just cos you got lost , or it aint clear what to do next so as to get to the next set piece. .

What would you think of a Hints thread , as most here are playing the same games and could help each orher out if stuck without spoiling the game mbv. ?
Yep seems like a plan. I spent an hour trying one part of Dead space and the controller nearly got crushed with anger. Checked the walk thru and very simple solution...suppose at 1am your brain stops working properly

Once I get this finished I'll tackle Fallout 3 before I start Jericho
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