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Not posted on here for a while, but much like some of the old timers, I grew up on seventies horror and followed the blood trail that started with the bbc 2 late night double bills, always watched these with my Nan,she loved them! this was whilst my parents were out in the pub. There always seemed to be a black and white and a colour movie on if I remember correctly. I have sourced a few nostalgic pics to go with this thread and for you old farts a link to the BBC2 voice over

I then started going into the Saturday market and looked at all the gory/scary covers of the paperbacks or comics and magazines available at the time, that were openly available to kids. I spent all my holiday money when we reached the caravan sight on monster comics, sod the beach etc every year I could not wait.As I got older I adorned the denim and leather look, and as a rocker I met a lad who worked in a Mortuary, he had a library of copied movies that were purchased from contacts abroad, very obscure italian uncut, awful quality movies but this is when I learned about Fulci, Argento,Bava,mad films like Diabolik, John Waters,herschel gordon lewis stuff and more, what an eye opener! I had a lot of VHS copies that I had collected and created myslef, kept in a coffin that my Dad got me ( long story) but this guy really brought me on in terms of what was out there beneath the surface of our hight street 'x cert' stuff.

These are some of the main guilty culprits for my obsession. Hope they bring some memories back for some.

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