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Thanks, the more I searched for images the more nostalgic it become. A lot of memories, which in was the best part of my childhood and teen years. Magical times. I remember wanting so much to get into SFX but there were no courses for me to become the next Tom Savini, I remember in mags they advertised courses down London way, but coming from the Midlands back then seemed 1000's miles away and finacialy impossible. I now can not imagine my life without horror and sci-fi in it. It is not just escapism, it is like it is part of me, although I do find a lot of the latest horror is poop and thats not just so I can hark on about the past but I would love to see something when Hellraiser come out....that blew me away at the time.
I still collect horror vinyl and magazines, though this has slowed down due to space and an irritating noise in my left hear called the missus.
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