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Default County Hospital (1932)

Laurel And Hardy - County Hospital .
Mr Hardy is in the county hospital with a broken leg, supposedly taking a rest and recuperating, Mr Laurel decides to visit because he didn't have anything better to do .Being a thoughtful friend Mr Laurel brings a gift of hard-boiled eggs and nuts. This film fits very nicely into the theme of Mr Hardy leg, County Hospital ha has a broken leg, Them Thar Hills his foot is suffering with gout so they decide to hire a caravan and go into the hills, this then had a sequel Tit for Tat where Stan and Ollie return from there trip to open an electrical shop only to be neighbours with a couple they met on there trip. County Hospital is only about 18mins long but sure stuffs itself full of gags as it goes. But it will probably be remember for one of the best jokes probably ever written-

Oliver: [seeing that Stan has brought him a present] What have you got there?

Stanley: I brought you some hardboiled eggs and some nuts.

Oliver: Now, you I can't eat hardboiled eggs and nuts. If you wanted to bring me something, why didn't you bring me candy?

Stanley: They cost too much.

Oliver: What does that got to do with it?

Stanley: You didn't pay me for the last box I brought you.

Mr Laurel even gets the sex of the doctor wrong The Doctor: I hope I find you well? Stanley: Thank you, ma'am. Jugs of water are spilled bedpans are whacked over heads and hypodermic needles are sat on, and a good pair of pants (trousers for us limeys) are cut up by mistake. Mr Laurel now drugged up to his eyeballs with a sedative tries to drive Olly home. It has to be said that back projection is not the best effect ever invented but since this is a comedy where not really looking for realism are we.In the end they crash. I don't know what there secret is,maybe the Hal Roach studios have something to do with it,I do think the films they made outside of there studio were never this good, or its just that lightening in a bottle thing that only ever happens once in a blue moon. The looks to camera,the double takes the indignation have all been done since but never as good.Don't put your hand in there. I have to drink that water.
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