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Originally Posted by Deadite View Post
Episode 1.08 File it Under Fear

Main Cast: Maureen Lipman (Liz Morris), Richard O'Callaghan (George Bailey), James Grout (Superintendent Cramer), John LeMesurier (Stubbs), Colin Fisher (Sergeant Truscott), Rose Hill (Mother), Richard Pendrey (Gerry Masters), John Nightingale (Steve Kerroway), Jan Francis (Gillie Randall), Jenny Quayle (Betty), Georgina Melville (Jackie), Sue Bond (Karen).

I picked this one next solely on the strength of it having Maureen (You've got an ology) Lipman and John (Would you mind awfully falling-in?) LeMesurier in the cast. Set largely in a library in a seemingly small community (although it's never really clarified where it is) that is rocked by a series of murders and as is usual in this series, there are no shortage of suspects. There's the creepy library assistant, the dodgy lodger and a silent American airman who shows up in suspicious places all the time (and thus was immediately eliminated from my own enquiries!). Maureen Lipman is suitibly prim as the head librarian and John LeMesurier is his usual affable self as the regular.

This one seemed to plod a bit compared to the previous episodes I watched, but was enlivened at the end by several neat flips and for once a Police force that didn't seem negligent, dodgy, or uncaring. I think this one finished strongly but flagged in the middle. The end for me made it an above average Thriller.

3 out of 5.
Funny enough i watched this one last night, have to say i did find it to be probably the weakest one i've seen so far.
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