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The Blob (1988)

Ever since John Carpenters The Thing,every monster or alien substance pretty much ooozes,mutates,slimes and just basically does nasty things to the human anatomy,The Blob being no different,dissolves bodies,and slimes it's way around Arborville, California.Throw in a government conspiracy about biological warfare experiments and you get a rather entertaining remake of a rather entertaining original monster flick from the 50's.Of course audience back in the 80's just wanted to see the next gory special effects movie,in an era chock full of em. From the start where the tramp finds the meteor,the blob makes a bee line for his hand,unfortunately not even chopping his hand with an axe can not get rid of the slimey bugger. Unfortunately for the tramp even when he was rescued and taken to the hospital by bad boy Kevin Dillon as Brian Flagg , cheerleader Shawnee Smith as Meg Penny and high school jock Donovan Leitch as Paul Taylor,the Blob manages to dissolve the tramp in halve and turn Paul into triffle. Limbs are severed bodies are dissolved and flesh is melted in what could be seen as a classier and more well made Troma styled movie.You gotta love any film that has Ricky Paull Goldin as Scott Jeske take Erika Eleniak as Vicki De Soto to some sort of lovers lane where Scott tries to get his hand down her blouse ( check out the chat up line " nice blouse" ) only for Vicki to turn into some blobbly style Thing and end any amorous feelings Scott may have had for Vicki. Director Chuck Russell of A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors fame is competent workman like director but the true star of the film is The Blob whether shooting out of sinks or just eating phone booths that get in its path,The Blob is an enjoyable 80's example of high school teens vs er Blob,make a cool double bill with Larry Cohen (Director) The Stuff. Highly entertaining stuff,there was also a lot of similarities to Phantoms which came out a year later.

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