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Originally Posted by gag View Post
Am not sure how I'm reading this , but I've got 2 other people to read it and their seeing the same as me and made same comments .
Did they drive 500 miles before they released he was missing if so then they had to drive 500 miles back for him .
But he was only waiting 4 hrs ?
If I am reading it right he got a lift from someone else.

"We didn't know how we were going to get him from that desolate spot to St Paul, so we tweeted and lots of kind people tweeted me back saying 'I'm in Fargo, maybe I could get there, I'm in Bismarck, maybe we could work something out'. I even had a friend who was driving down from Winnipeg on the way to the show here.
"So currently we have him in a car driving to Bismarck and the only question is will they let him on the plane with no ID and in his pyjamas."
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