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Default Attack of the Puppet People (1958)


The trouble with Mr. Franz the owner of Dolls Inc,(says what it does on the tin) is that he really makes no attempt to hide his rather eccentric behavior, especially as he keeps all of his victims in jars on a shelve in his reception.The fact that no one ever comes into his office and says, hey isn't that Bob but shrunk down to twelve inches is very surprising since everybody from the girl scouts to the police seems to just wander in uninvited...In fact, Mr. Franz behavior is so oddball and screwy, I'm surprised there wasn't a baying mob wielding pitchforks and burning torches trying to kick his door down.And the scene between him and the little girl who wants her doll repaired is particularly creepy post-Saville. Attack of the Puppet People is a sparsely made and very low budget (I mean the drive-in scene is a prime example of a minimalist budget you are ever likely to see). But whatever Puppet People lacks in budgetary restrictions it more than makes up for it in science fiction hokum and rayguns that can shrink a cat and more importantly a human bean into a pint-sized action figure.Depending on your viewpoint John Hoyt as Mr. Franz is either a sad lonely man who cannot accept rejection and acts accordingly or a sick perv who probably looks up a doll's skirts. Anybody who has ever watched Land of the Giants or the Incredible Shrinking Man, should know the score, basically, a bunch of actors are filmed next to a giant ball of string or a large telephone, which was a surprise to our heroine June Kelley as Sally as she awakens to find herself shrunken down to size and lying next to the biggest phone she's ever come across. Interestingly the other miniature captors have all excepted there fate and only decide to take action once Sally and her boyfriend played John Agar prompt them into trying to escape.Being a Bert I.Gordon film it may come as no surprise that its pure 1950's nonsense, but enjoyable nonsense all the same.
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